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January 19, 2015

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The Importance of The Registry in Windows Operating Systems

October 29, 2014

With so many files stored in your computer, you may be wondering what should be kept and secured. It may be a photo, a word document, or an important personal file. Above all these things, there is one file that you should be careful about, and that is the Windows Registry.

Windows registry is like the DNA of your computer system as it stores all the data about the different programs and applications installed in your computer, hardware devices, and the configurations you have made in your system. It serves as the system’s database where all the computer functions are referring to. Every change that you do with your computer is recorded in it. If there is no registry, your Windows will not work. It is the one that tells the system what should be done in order for every function to be executed properly.

It can be accessed through the registry editor where you can view and modify registry entries. Though you can edit entries, it is not advisable to change any of them manually because it may cause the operating system to malfunction that may lead to serious issues that may be harder to fix or troubleshoot.

The registry offers a lot of benefits to your operating system. One of them is all your system data is stored in one place, making it for the user to back up and restore files much easier. Another benefit is that, it cannot be edited in a simple text editor. It uses the binary format that can only be read and changed by programs that are designed to be used for it. This advantage is important since it would be a hard time for anyone to do any modifications since one wrong move may lead to a computer disaster.

While you install and uninstall software programs from your system, the Windows registry is accumulating data and files that are incorrect and unnecessary. In addition to that, internet browsing can install malicious attachments to your system. Because of these factors, several problems may arise including the following:

* The computer’s performance is degrading. You will start to observe that your system’s performance speed is reducing since the running program is taking too much time in acquiring its registry entry.

* Application crash. An unexpected program termination is can be experienced since the specific program was not able to reach its registration due to the cluttered registry entries.

* Programs and applications will start to hang or freeze. When a program is taking too much time to send information to the registry, the program or application will start to freeze or reboot.

* System crash. When it becomes significantly damaged, your system will be unbootable.

* Virus infection. Once it got infected by a malware, related files like “SYS, DLL, and EXE” are can be damaged, which may affect performing basic computer tasks.

* Fragmentation. As junk files continue to accumulate, your system will tend to be fragmented that may eventually lead to a corruption.

When these problems start to occur, it is important that you impose an immediate action to fix this to avoid any complication like file corruption. Keep in mind that you need to clean your registry regularly. If you are a tech-savvy then you can manually edit it and fix the problem. However, editing entries manually is not easy and not safe. Take note that you cannot undo the modifications you have done to it so you must be very cautious in making any changes. Fortunately, you can always download a registry cleaner to automatically scan for errors and fix the issues that could be causing the problems with your system.

It is important to have your registry regularly maintained to avoid damage. Having it cleaned will keep important files in your computer, such as “EXE” files that are easily infected by a computer virus, from a possible corruption. Also, it is important to keep it clean in order to defragment your system, to be able to save up some space from your computer memory.

Windows registry is very essential in keeping your files organized and compact. This is why it is important that you always fix any related problems so that your computer system will function well. A regular clean up will help you to prevent any form of file damage and a possible program or system crash. It can also optimize your computer system and boost your unit’s performance. Keeping it in good condition will make your computer system healthy and functioning well.

Top Six Common Tools Used for Fixing Computer Errors and Performance Issues

October 29, 2014

Computer errors are common among systems and they affect computing procedures in terms of efficiency. Furthermore, errors lead to sluggish computer performance. Solving computer errors is simple with the use of different downloadable programs. Some of the common programs capable of repairing system errors include the following:

Registry Cleaners

Registry cleaners are programs that wipe out inconsistent registry entries. Installing a program leaves records in the registry system for necessary for smooth software operation. However, uninstalling related programs leave these logs, making them broken paths that cause system inconsistencies. Registry inconsistencies affect programs’ function and overall system performance.

Regular computer users can’t identify broken registry logs due to lack of expertise. Registry cleaners detect and remove problematic registry entries then restore computer’s performance.

PC Optimizers

PC optimizers are special programs that detect causes of computer’s poor performance and recommend solutions. The optimizer will scan computer and see if the system is indeed performing slowly. Once detected, it reports the main causes of errors and performance issues. Provided solutions often include cleaning the registry, removing unused programs, compact fragmented files using disk defragmenter, and many more.

Usually, a PC optimizer has all the necessary cleaning tools like integrated registry cleaners, junk file cleaners, and other repair tools. Users can either conduct recommended procedures manually or let the program execute procedures on its own. Leaving the task to the optimizer is beneficial for novice users or those without high technical knowledge in identifying errors. Some optimizers, however, cater to advanced computer users wish to save specific files that they still need.

Junk File Cleaners

Junk file cleaners are designed to remove files that are meant for deletion. Junk files fill up disk space without actual purpose for the operating system or other programs. These files range from problematic registry logs, cookies, caches, leftover system files, and others. This software makes cleaning easier because it detects unneeded these files on its own and ideal for users who unaware of these junks’ existence. Launching this software keeps users from deleting essential files for currently installed programs.

Using this software follows similar procedures as in utilizing optimizers and registry cleaners. Execute the program and it will scan the system. Depending on the software’s development, a junk file cleaner may scan specific folders or the full drive. After setting it up, users can start scanning and cleaning junk files.

DLL Repair Tools

DLL repair tools are applications that aid in fixing DLL-triggered inconsistencies. A DLL or dynamic link library file serves as one of the vital elements that a hardware’s functionality to its software and the operating system. Different hardware come with their respective .dll files upon installation. They may be corrupted and trigger DLL errors that prevent other programs from loading properly. Fixing these problems is easy with a good DLL repair tool.

A DLL repair tool fixes these issues through two steps. It scans the main drivers and programs behind the error. After scanning, the program may recommend to delete the corrupted file or repair by replacing the affected file. These tools may include a .dll file library that installs DLL replacements. This will solve the problem and makes sure the programs and hardware will work as expected.

Program and Driver Updates

Outdated program elements and drivers often cause computer errors. Using these outdated elements with an updated system will show errors or prevent software and hardware from loading properly. Installing new software and driver versions often solves these issues.

Updated installation file versions include bug fixes and other additional features that improve users’ experience in using these computer add-ons. Once installed, the new features will take over the outdated versions. Hence, computers will stop showing related errors after installing the new version.

Windows Updates

Just like third-party program and hardware updates, Windows developers release continuous updates for the operating system and recognized drivers. They can be generic or specific driver updates.

The good thing about Windows Update is it’s readily accessible for users. The operating system has a designated Windows Update platform that allows users to download and install updates. The platform is customizable according to users’ update installation preferences. Options include the system detecting, downloading and installing updates automatically. The platform can also check for updates and let users decide on which ones to download and install. On the other hand, users can opt not to install any update. Most of the time, Windows-related errors are solved by installing these new updates.

Several programs are deemed helpful in fixing various computer errors. Being aware of these solutions can save computer users money from bringing their systems to repair centers for something they can solve on their own.

What Do You Really Need to Learn From Your Computer Lessons?

October 29, 2014

To give you some background before answering the question, let me say that:

1. I have been involved with computers since they started becoming popular in the late 80′s,

2. I have also been involved with the Internet since it became public in the early 90′s,

3. When I was a High School teacher, I was also responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all the computers in my school,

4. I have taught myself computer programming and written a number of programs that are available online,

5. I have taught myself web design, PHP, search engine optimization, WordPress and more so that I now have 4 web sites online,

6. I have built a number of web sites for my customers and have done SEO work for them,

7. I have been involved in private computer lessons with a number of students: young and old, teaching how to sell stuff on eBay, teaching how to use emails to keep in touch with family overseas, and more…

One student had a different approach during computer lessons and wanted me to answer questions he would prepare during the week, and one thing I have learnt is, unless you are a professional, then:

You only need to learn what you need to know to do what you need to do!

Let me now try to tell you why you only need to focus on picking specific computer skills during your computer lessons.

1. It is much more effective as, during your computer lessons, you only focus on the task at hand without being overloaded with side issues. This in turn will reduce your stress.

For example,

– if all you want to do is learn to print photos, do you really need to learn about cropping photos, removing red eyes, removing backgrounds, adding text to photos, and so on… useful as these skills might be? I would suggest only learning about printing photos and doing the rest when you want to or need to, not before!

The reason for this is as follows, something I learnt when I was a Maths/Science/Physics teacher:

People learn best when they get the answer to a question they have. Too often, teaching is about giving answers to people before they ask the questions.

2. It reduces the amount of new stuff you need to learn and remember during your computer lessons. Stuff that you may only need to use once every few years.

For example,

– if all you want to do is learn to send and receive emails, do you really need to learn about setting up email accounts with smtp and pop settings? After all, once your email account is set up, there is no need for you to do anything about it until you change your email account which could be years away.

3. It is easier to add new knowledge to existing knowledge during computer lessons rather than learn everything in one go.

For example,

– once you understand that in very simple terms your computer is made up of a computer box, mouse, monitor, USB ports then you can learn about specific computer hardware bits and pieces such as the motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard disk, disk drives and so on…

This means that, when a client calls me for a computer, tablet or WordPress lesson, I ask them what they want to learn. Then I go to their home and cover exactly what they want to learn. I have not come across a client who has no idea what to learn.